Over the 20 years of the Haslemere Festival and 10 years of the Haslemere Fringe Festival, we have strived to bring all forms of the arts to Haslemere, but by the nature of a Festival, these have been transient and have been showcased for just the duration of the Festivals. However, now and thanks to a local benefactor who wishes to remain anonymous, we are able to bring four contemporary works of art to Haslemere, which will have a lasting presence for many years to come and which hopefully will become iconic to Haslemere.

To accommodate this artwork, the four ‘Planters in the Sky’ situated throughout Haslemere, in the High Street, Petworth Road, Clements Corner and Lion Green, which over the years have been sadly neglected, are being given a new lease of life. The bowls at the top are being cleared of the dead plants and replaced with bespoke works of art, designed by Andrew Brighty a local blacksmith and made at his forge in Dockenfield, just a couple of miles from Haslemere.  


The first of these works of art is called ‘Progress?’ and will be installed in the ‘Planter in the Sky’ in the High Street in early January 2020, the year of the 6th Haslemere Fringe Festival. The finish will be galvanised, acid etched and waxed which gives a good contrast to the black planters.



The hot forged flowing tops of the I-Beams represent a return to craftsmanship and quality, both of workmanship and of life, whilst also being reminiscent of fabric blowing in the wind – a link to the Haslemere Weaving Industries and Peasant Arts Society.

The next ‘Planter in the Sky’ to be given this make over will be at Clements Corner and the art work installed here will again a be contemporary design, but this time symbolising flowers. The sculpture isn’t intended to represent any particular plant/flower but perhaps it will prompt people to wonder what they might be, poppies, alien plant life, etc.

The further two designs for the remaining ‘Planters in the Sky’ will be released shortly, with the one on Lion Green being made and unveiled in time for the 2020 Haslemere Fringe Festival taking place on Lion Green in July.